About LO-K8

The Vision for LO-K8 is simple. We want to help increase child safety and help give parents/guardians some degree of peace of mind.

While on holiday in 2018 the founder of LO-K8 was enjoying the evening entertainment with his wife and two children. They were sat with a group of friends they had made on holiday when panic struck! One of the families could not find their little girl for several minutes. All of the parents and older children were frantically running around the resort screaming out for the little girl, who just so happened to be sat quietly (and safely) at the front of the stage watching the entertainment, completely unaware of the chaos happening around her.

Most parents have experienced that momentary panic when they lose sight of their child and words cannot describe the range of emotions that come over you. Imagine being able to use your smart phone to LO-K8 your child? At that very moment the idea for LO-K8 was born.

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